360 Video

Bring your message to life and impress with the unique experience offered by a 360 degree video.

Why 360 video?

Don’t let viewers watch your video, let them experience it! A 360 degree video allows you to ‘teleport’ to a location or moment. It is as if you are actually there. This offers unique possibilities to bring your message to life, to relive a unique moment or to imagine yourself in another world. Viewers become much more involved because they feel part of the 360 degree video experience.

Virtual Reality experience

In recent years, virtual reality has become more and more accessible. The most commonly used word after a virtual reality experience is ‘Cool!’. We can also make your 360 degree video interactive, making the VR Experience even more complete and impressive.

360 Degree videos can be used for promotional purposes, but also to let your customers or patients imagine themselves in another world. In addition, your event or wedding can also be recorded in 360 degrees. With the VR glasses the viewer can (re)experience the moment as if he were there himself.

(Interactive) promotional video

Promote your location or product impressively with a 360 degree video! The viewer is placed in the middle of the video and can really experience your product or location.

We can also add interactive spots in the video, with which the VR experience really comes to life. In this way a game of your product or location is created, so to speak.

A VR Experience is also a real crowd puller for trade fair presentations. Innovative, fun and convincing!

Imagine yourself in another world…

Escape from reality and imagine yourself in another world… VR makes that possible!

Put on your VR glasses and suddenly you’re standing in Piazza San Marco in Venice! Or relax by the sea on a beach in the Azores. Take a bike ride through the fields or walk in the forest. Or enjoy a theatre performance on the front row. The possibilities are endless.

This is a very nice application for people who do not have the opportunity to visit these places in reality and who can use the distraction that this VR Experience offers. Think of a VR Experience as a distraction / pastime during dialysis treatment or for long-term patients who cannot leave the hospital for the time being. The relaxation and entertainment that the VR Experience can offer also contributes to a positive recovery.

Live Event

Stand at the front of your favourite artist’s live concert or sit front row at a theatre performance. Do you want to see the singer up close or are you more interested in the drummer or the reaction of the audience? The viewer experiences it with VR glasses as if he is actually there and can decide for himself from which direction he wants to watch.

We can make recordings of your event, but we can also stream the event live in 360 degrees. The 360 video can be watched with VR glasses, but also on desktop, tablet and mobile, where the viewer can determine the direction he wants to look.


Your wedding is a unique moment in your life. The moment when you give each other the ‘I do’ with all your loved ones around you. How wonderful it would be if you could relive this moment… with a 360 degree video this is possible!

Put on the VR glasses and it is as if you are back on your wedding day. Watch how your parents react during the ‘I do’ or how your friends laugh at that anecdote. You can keep watching the video and discover something different every time by looking the other way.

We can record your ceremony or the entire wedding day in 360 degrees from multiple camera angles.

Please contact us for more information about the possibilities and prices.

Broadly applicable

The possibilities of a 360 video are almost endless. From a basic video in which you imagine yourself at a different location, to a compiled promotional video with interactive spots.

Our videos are optimized for desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android. The latest virtual reality glasses trend is optimally integrated. With the VR glasses you experience the location and the moment as if you were there!

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