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of the people think a brand that uses Virtual Reality, is modern and sophisticated.


of the people have an overwhelmingly positive feeling about Virtual Reality.

Virtual tours are viewed 18 times longer than the rest of the website.

It is expected that the market for Virtual Reality will be 100 times larger over the next ten years.

Discover the features of a virtual tour made by Omni.

Not our customer, but the end user is central to us. By making the user the point of focus, it will be able to move optimally through the tour. By means of extensive testing, we have the most user-friendly tours of the market!
Omni aims at making Virtual Reality accessible and attractive to all entrepreneurs. This promise ensures that we work with open, honest, and attractive prices to realize this goal.
Nowadays, the use of the internet can be done in many ways. Our tours are optimized for desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android. The latest Virtual Reality glasses trend is optimally integrated. With the VR glasses, you will experience the location as if you are there!

Possibilities of a virtual tour

The possibilities of a virtual tour are almost endless. A basic tour in which mainly the areas are shown very extensively, where you can reach out, to viewing spaces with VR glasses. The sky is the limit!

How does it work?

To reach the desired final product, Omni has developed a clear action plan from the first contact to final delivery. It is completely insightful where we are in the process, which ensures that every product is completed as planned.

Virtual tours offer huge opportunities for the industries mentioned below

Cities & shopping centers industry

Cities & shopping centers

Museums industry


Holiday resorts industry

Holiday resorts

Wellness & sauna industry

Wellness & sauna

Shops industry


Golf courts industry

Golf courts

Zoo’s industry


Fitness & sport industry

Fitness & sport

E-Learning industry


Theaters industry


Amusement parks industry

Amusement parks

Catering industry

Catering industry

Housing market industry

Housing market

Hotels industry


Entertainment venues industry

Entertainment venues

The benefits of an Omni virtual tour:

  • User experience
    The visitors obtain a realistic picture of what the company has to offer, which creates fair and realistic expectations.
  • Increased sales intent
    The visitors stay longer on your website, which results in a bigger visitor or sales intent. Besides, it is possible to make a reservation or an entry directly via a button in the Omni virtual tour.
  • Interactivity
    The Omni virtual tours offer many interactive possibilities in the tour on the place where the visitor expects it, which gives a complete and well-organized picture.
  • Customized goods
    The virtual tour is seamlessly connected to the house style and personal wishes of the customer.

Virtual Reality and virtual tours are the future!

Do you already have a virtual tour?