Seduce website visitors and attract more visitors to your city or shopping area through an attractive online face.

Why perfect for a city / shopping area?

The website of a shopping area must be an attractive invitation for website visitors to go there. Your online face should not only be able to compete with other shopping areas, but especially with the webshops. Since more and more consumers are online more often and for longer periods of time, you can’t just let the battle with the webshops pass you by. As a shopping area, you can still keep your affairs in order, but it’s a missed opportunity if your online visibility leaves something to be desired. If you integrate a virtual tour into your site in a well-considered way, you can really keep the visitor’s attention and actually seduce them to come to your shopping area.

Online Experience

In recent years, virtual reality has become increasingly popular and accessible. With virtual tours of cities, shopping areas and shops, consumers are able to “teleport” there and get a very realistic impression of what they can expect in real life. This technique is being used more and more often, and successfully, by the hospitality industry. It is not without reason that websites with a virtual tour are viewed on average 5 to 10 times longer and the interest in going somewhere is doubled.

Broadly applicable

The possibilities of a virtual tour are almost endless. From a basic tour in which mainly the location is shown to very extensive with many interactive elements. For example, let the shopkeeper present his or her own shop with a 360 degree video recording.

The use of the internet is possible in many ways nowadays. Our tours are optimized for desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android. The latest virtual reality glasses trend is optimally integrated. With the VR glasses you can experience the location as if you were there! Also complete integration with your own website is possible.

Case 1

Shopping center Miereakker

For the new website of shopping center Miereakker in Reeuwijk we made a virtual tour of the complete shopping center and its entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs introduce their shops themselves in the tour. This tour is interactively integrated in the renewed website. Take a look at the tour working on the website of shopping center Miereakker:
Case 2

Shopping center Bloemendaal

For the website of Shopping center Bloemendaal in Gouda we made a complete tour of the shopping center. You can enter all the shops and go directly to the relevant shopping page. Experience the shopping mall:
Website Shopping center Bloemendaal


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