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Our specialty is creating interactive virtual experiences which can be integrated into your website as well as viewed with VR glasses. This makes our tours very versatile. Take a look at some of our expertises below.

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Impressively visualize your location to generate more bookings. We offer complete photography packages.  

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City / Mall

Seduce website visitors and attract more visitors to your city or shopping area through an attractive online face.

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Health Care

Improve your patient care through the unique experience and information provision that virtual reality can offer.

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The highly realistic experience provided by VR offers unique opportunities for effective training.


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Your buildings fully visualized digitally to subsequently link information to them. The visual basis of your BIM.


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Attract more customers by showing off your store in a unique and attractive way and presenting it online.


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Present your products using the unique possibilities offered by VR. Also very suitable for trade fair presentations.


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360 Video

Bring your message to life and impress with the unique experience offered by a 360 degree video.


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Virtual Reality is very versatile. Contact us to discover the possibilities for your business!


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Omni VR

Omni VR is engaged in interactive storytelling.
Omni has set itself the goal of making virtual reality accessible and attractive to all entrepreneurs. This promise ensures that we work with open, honest and attractive prices to achieve this goal.

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