Your buildings fully visualized digitally to subsequently link information to them. The visual basis of your BIM.

Why perfect for facilities management?

Visualizing a location gives a lot of transparency and clarity. An image says more than 1000 words, a virtual tour tells the whole story. We can visualize buildings completely and link relevant information to them. A digital and visual representation of all the physical and functional characteristics of a building, to be shared and supplemented by the parties involved. Link the virtual tour to your reports and/or process information from your reports into the virtual tour. By being able to view a location directly from your computer at any time, additional location visits or misunderstandings can be avoided, thereby saving costs.

The visual basis of your BIM

In recent years, virtual reality has become increasingly popular and accessible. VR also offers many new possibilities for facility management. Imagine that at any time you can digitally go through a location completely and also link information to it. For example, from your maintenance plan or for in-house emergency response purposes, to see for yourself or to share with external parties.

Your BIM fully visual and available at any time from any device.

Broadly applicable

The possibilities of a virtual tour are almost endless. From a basic tour in which mainly shows the location or a few spaces to a very extensive tour, in which we can visualize an entire building, also with aerial photos and can link extensive information to it.

Our tours are optimized for desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android. The virtual tours can also be viewed with VR glasses, which allows you to experience the location as if you were actually there!

3D Model

We make use of specialised equipment, with which we can create a 3D model of your building as well as a virtual tour. The 3D model can be converted to various file formats for use for various purposes. We can also make floor plans of your location including the dimensions of the various rooms.
Case 1


We have visualized a shunting yard for ProRail, where we have scanned the main building completely. This virtual tour has been duplicated several times so that it can be used for facility management, in-house emergency purposes, IT and external suppliers. The client has access to the tours to fill them with all relevant information per target group.






















Case 2

Roof inspection RPS

For RPS, we have visualized the roof of one of the buildings in their management by means of a virtual tour. The full report of the roof inspection can be opened from the virtual tour. In addition, parts of the report, the defects, are also processed in the virtual tour so that it is immediately visible at which location which defect can be found.



















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