Improve your patient care through the unique experience and information provision that virtual reality can offer.

Why VR for your hospital or clinic?

We believe that a good visualization of a location or event gives a lot of transparency and greatly increases the confidence of the patient. With a VR experience, the patient is able to ‘teleport’ himself to another location and situation, so to speak. This gives a very realistic impression of what the patient can expect, for example when undergoing an operation. Or a very transparent view of your clinic, which can lower the barrier to visit your clinic. A very realistic patient preparation reduces anxiety, which also benefits the patient’s recovery.

Virtual Reality experience

In recent years, virtual reality has become increasingly popular and accessible. Within the healthcare sector, there are various applications for VR. Patients, even children, can be prepared for surgery with a VR experience. With our virtual tour you can offer an online tour of your department or clinic. Or you can offer your patients a distraction during long-term admission by letting them virtually imagine themselves in a different environment. This technology is increasingly being used, and successfully, to improve patient care and information provision.

Research by Erasmus MC has even shown that children need less morphine after a painful operation if they are prepared with virtual reality about what is in store for them.

Broadly applicable

The possibilities of a virtual tour are almost endless. From a basic tour in which mainly the location is shown to a very extensive tour in which we can also shoot 360 degree video and add many interactive elements to the VR experience.

Our VR experiences can be viewed with VR glasses, where you experience the situation as if you were actually there. In addition, our virtual tours are optimized for desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android. Integrating the virtual tour into your website is also possible.

Case 1

VR experience children’s department Groene Hart hospital

For the children’s department of the Groene Hart Hospital in Gouda we have created a VR experience in preparation for undergoing an operation. The animated mascot of the hospital ‘Freek the Giraffe’ is also included in this experience. The purpose of this is to prepare the children so well for what is in store for them on the day of the operation, that they enter the operation much less anxiously. This also promotes recovery after the operation. Research by Erasmus MC has even shown that children need less morphine after a painful operation if they are prepared with virtual reality about what is in store for them. For the GHZ, we have created an experience that can be experienced with VR glasses, as well as a virtual tour that can be viewed on a tablet, mobile or desktop and which, through its interactivity, becomes an informative game.

On request we will gladly show you this VR experience.

















Case 2

Guided tour Maternity suite Zaans Medical Centre

For the Zaans Medical Centre we made a virtual tour of the maternity suite in the obstetrics department. In the tour many information points are added, explaining the available equipment and attributes in the room. This gives the patient a transparent view and complete information about the facilities in the room.

Check out the Maternity Suite!


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