The possibilities are enormous!
Discover here what a virtual tour can offer

Our basic options

The basic possibilities are available to all standard virtual tours and offer an enormous amount of options to personalize the tour.

Navigation menu with a broad diversity of options for personalization.

The virtual tour is entirely made in corporate identity so that it integrates into the website seamlessly.

Specific information can be added per room/panorama.

The gyroscope function of the tablet and telephone can be used to watch the tour.

Easy sharing via the most-used social networks and communities.

Omni can host virtual tours or, if desired, on your website.

The tours work on iOS, Android, and HTML, and are optimized for all platforms.

All images are made with SLR-cameras so that the highest quality will be achieved.

Ease of use is paramount so that everyone can operate the tours effortlessly.

You can watch all tours in Virtual Reality mode with VR-glasses for an unprecedented experience.

The extra options

The extra possibilities make the virtual tours even more unique. Depending on the wishes and goals, you can decide on the perfect composition per project.

‘Live’ video images make the interactivity enormous.

Movies in panoramas provide more details about a product or service.

Make of the virtual tour an app for iOS and Android.

Integrating Google Analytics gives insight in how often and how long guests visit the tours.

Information spots show all accurate information.

The CMS-system makes it possible to renew the text of information blocks in the tour without any interference.

Maps make navigation clearer.

360-degree aerial photographs provide a clear overview of an area or terrain.

Use the virtual tour as a website. Due to our unique structure, the tour/website is entirely discoverable.

Audio hotspots provide information about an item.

Gigapixel pictures show extreme details; especially aimed at vast areas or cities.

Extensive navigation options within the VR- mode of the virtual tour make this form even more attractive.