Your own virtual tour?
The process in 4 steps

Step 1 Preparation

You are interested in a virtual tour for your location. During the first contacts, we will discuss with you the wishes for the virtual tour: we analyze the location, discuss the options, and record the expectations.

In a precise quotation, this will be mentioned completely itemized. The signing will take place digitally to make concrete appointments on when the recording will be held. In preparation for this meeting, we will send you a checklist, so you can fully prepare yourself, and the location looks perfectly. After all, everything will be visualized!

We will retrieve and check the information, logo(s), and hyperlinks.

Step 2 Recording and processing

To optimally visualize your location, we will review the location with you before the start of recording. With trained eyes, we look at what the most optimal positions are to visualize

the location well and thoroughly and let the tour work logically. Hereafter, we will start with the shoot in peace and check the photos piece by piece. After the recording has taken place, we will convert the photos to 360 degrees’ images and process these in a virtual tour together with the information, hyperlinks, and logos.

Step 3 Check

After everything has been incorporated into the virtual tour, two Omni staff members will minute the tour. They will check all the details of photography, legitimate work, all internal and external links, and the agreements made. If the virtual tour has passed this quality audit, the tour will be sent to you.

We then ask you to check if the virtual tour meets the requirements and the expectations. All possible comments will be processed wherever possible and lead to the final version.

Step 4 Delivery and after care

We will upload the final version of the tour to our hosting platform or the host address of your choice. After that, we will help you to integrate the virtual tour into your website, for which we provide you with optimized iframe codes. Alternatively, we can place the virtual tour on a single domain name.

As soon as everything works as desired, the delivery will be completed, and the invoice will be completed and sent.