Present your products through the unique possibilities offered by VR. Also very suitable for trade fair presentations.

Why perfect for a product presentation?

Attract attention by presenting your product in a unique way. Especially for trade fair presentations a VR experience is a real crowd puller. The most commonly used word after a VR experience is ‘Cool!’. Perhaps you have a product that is too big to take to your customer or to a trade show or you want your customer to experience the product on location. With our virtual tours you can ‘teleport’ your customer to a location of your choice and introduce them to your product. With video images and interactive spots we create a unique experience to convince your potential customers of your product.

Virtual Reality experience

Convince your customer of your product with an unforgettable VR experience. We make 360 degree photos and / or videos of your product at the desired location and create a virtual tour. In this virtual tour we can add all kinds of interactive spots, which really bring the tour to life. Think also of a host who explains your product in the tour or demonstrates your product. Convincing, fun and customized.

You can also integrate our virtual tours into your website and attract the attention of your potential customer online. It is without reason websites with a virtual tour are viewed on average 5 to 10 times as long.

Broadly applicable

The possibilities of a virtual tour are almost endless. From a basic tour in which mainly the rooms are shown to a very extensive tour with many interactive elements.

Nowadays the use of the internet can be done in many ways. Our tours are optimized for desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android. The latest virtual reality glasses trend is optimally integrated. With the VR glasses you experience the location as if you are there! Also complete integration in your own website is one of the possibilities.

Case 1


or SGL we have created various VR experiences for trade fair presentations. The experiences allow (potential) customers to experience the products at the locations where they are used: stadiums. A special experience in which the exhibition visitor suddenly stands in the middle of a stadium and gets a demonstration of the SGL system. A real crowd puller, where the audience can also watch the experience on a television screen.
On request we can show you the tours of SGL.




















Case 2

Natural playground Goudse Hout

For Verboon Maasland we made a virtual tour of the Natural playground and the change in the area around it that they created as building contracter. With drone photos, the changes in the landscape can be seen in three different phases (before, during and after work).
Virtual tour Natural playground


Case 3

SIS Pitches

SIS Pitches had seen our VR experience of SGL at an exhibition where they were both present. They also saw this as an outcome and a unique way to present one of their larger products at an exhibition.
Virtual tour SIS Pitches


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