The highly realistic experience provided by VR offers unique opportunities for effective training.

Why is VR perfect for training purposes?

People process visual communication much better than written information. The human brain remembers 90% of what one experiences. This is in contrast to 10% of what you read and 20% of what you hear. Virtual Reality belongs to that 90%! This makes VR an extremely effective tool for training, in which the information is remembered much better and for much longer. The VR experience is stored in the brain as if it were a memory.

Virtual Reality experience

In recent years, virtual reality has become increasingly popular and accessible. VR is also increasingly being used for training purposes. Because of the extremely realistic experience VR provides, it offers unique opportunities for effective training. We take 360-degree photos and/or videos of your desired location or situation and create a virtual tour with it. This alone can be an excellent visual addition to an e-learning training. In this virtual tour we can add all kinds of interactive spots, with which the tour really comes to life. In this way a kind of educational game of your location is created. Educational, fun, tailor-made and affordable!

We also work together with Précon Learning to offer you a complete and accredited e-learning training.

Broadly applicable

The possibilities of a virtual tour are almost endless. From a basic tour in which mainly the location is shown, to a very extensive tour in which we can also shoot 360 degree video and add many interactive elements to the VR experience.

Our VR experiences can be viewed with VR glasses, where you experience the situation as if you were actually there. In addition, our virtual tours are optimized for desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android. Integrating the virtual tour in your online training is also possible, where the virtual tour can also interact with the e-learning.

Case 1

C3 – Centre for Youth Communication Chemistry

Commisioned by Goldviz

C3, Centre for Youth Communication Chemistry introduces children and young people to chemistry and life sciences, so that they can make more conscious choices in their profile and their studies in secondary education. With this virtual tour, we give young people a glimpse into a paper factory, to show them how working in such a factory is done, and thus attract young people to choose an education in this direction.

Click here to view the tour

Case 2


Commisioned by Goldviz

Sakura has launched a new learning platform. To introduce this to their staff in a fun way, this virtual tour was created and sent to their staff together with a VR glasses/holder to create a VR experience on their own mobile.

Click here to view the tour


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